Message From the Principal

As the principal of Rye Elementary School (RES), it is my responsibility to ensure that our students feel welcomed, supported and appreciated for their individuality each and every day.  Rye Elementary School offers students a daily learning experience. With a small school community of just under 200 students, weekly outdoor education, a S.T.E.A.M lab, as well as enriching opportunities for children to explore their interests and passions through project-based and personalized learning, RES offers a rich, rigorous and engaging learning environment.  Our staff is enthusiastic about supporting our learners by understanding their individual needs with a holistic approach.  We are all responsible for the academic and social success of our students and work collaboratively to ensure we have created an environment that reflects this mission.

We know that each student and their family deserves to feel connected to our school community so we encourage open communication.   If you have questions or thoughts that you would like to share, please feel free to email me directly at

We are looking forward to an exciting year of learning and growth,

Michelle Pitts