School Entrance Requirements

New Hampshire state law requires the following:

1. Proper immunization in accordance with RSA141-C:20. Proof of immunization is a letter, statement or record from a health provider or former school showing each dose and the date administered.

2. Current physical examination in accordance with ED311.03. Proof of physical examination is a signed, dated summary of findings of a completed physical examination performed by a licensed health care provider.

All entering students or students transferring to the Rye Elementary School must have received a physical examination and the required immunizations prior to school entry in accordance to ED311.03 and RSA 141-C:20.

A student who is unable to provide documentation of a physical examination and proof of acceptable immunization for conditional enrollment shall not be admitted to school unless the student presents a certificate of religious or medical exemption.

A thirty (30) day exclusion notice may be issued by the school nurse for completion of these requirements or documentation of an appointment for a physical examination with a licensed heath care provider.