RES Principal Weekly Updates

Principal Updates for September 24, 2020:

Here are your updates for this week of school. 

  • Thank for taking our Dot Challenge.  Nicely dotted doorways throughout Rye.  I enjoyed seeing the creativity in the pictures that were sent my way.
  • The staff at RES LOVED viewing the art work on the parking lot as we drove in on Monday.  I arrived first so I walked around viewing all the artwork.  No cars were there so I had a private showing.  I hated to park on a spot.  It is a good feeling to see that the Rye cares and sent the RES community a special message.  Well done!
  • Tis the season for runny noses and scratchy throats. Unfortunately Covid 19 likes to share those same symptoms plus more.  If your child has a runny nose you have a choice.  You can get them a Covid test or quarantine for 10 days.  Personally I like the test option.  We are finding students return to school in a couple of hours with that option.  Here is how:  Go to Convenient MD (by the bowling alley)  Show your medical card through the window. They will come out and do a rapid test if you say there are symptoms.  The results have been quick.  As I said we had several students return to school the same day of the test. (all negative of course!)  We are seeing lots of colds and allergies right now.  Other testing places have been taking a week.  Little loss of schooling this way.  Students only join the remote class if they are quarantining for a length of time. If they are out a few days they make up the work upon their return.
  • Remote Students:  Pick up of materials for remote students is going to be on Tuesdays from noon on.  If you can’t make it on Tuesday we put out the materials again on Wednesday.  We changed the day to accommodate our remote teachers who have time constraints.
  • Each fall we have a Back to School Night for parents and students.  While not ideal, we have decided to not hold a formal evening where parents come into the school.  Instead grades one through four will send home a presentation on the 9th of October about what a day looks like at RES and what students are learning.  I hear students might even be in the presentation.  This will give you a glimpse into the RES day even though you cannot be with us.
  • Picture Day is coming – October 7th.  Get those smiles ready.  Smiles are easy though; it is the hair staying neat that is the problem!  We will be sending home paperwork for this on Monday. 
  • Each Friday is remote and the students join the homeroom teacher at 8:15. Last week we had almost 100% participation.  We take attendance for the day so be sure to show up.  Kindergarten has an exception as we do not have devices yet and I think we are all set with grade 1.  We plan work that should fill a morning realizing some students need longer time and some it will take a shorter length of  time.  Please remember to charge those Chromebooks if needed so they are not dead come Monday morning and safely send them back in on Monday.  Thank you.

On a personal note, Staci and I were just saying how quiet the building is.  Sometimes it is good as we get much done, but it seems strange to not see parents and students roaming the halls. It is too quiet.  A highlight of my day believe it or not is dismissal.  I get a chance to see so many of you and I love watching kids light up seeing you waiting for them. This week I heard one little girl say, “Mom! What happened?  You said you would be first in line.”  Too funny! Even in those long lines, traffic patterns, & window signs (I bet you wonder if we will ever learn your car), you still exhibit patience with a smile.  And no one has run over me yet!  Thank you again for a great week. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Principal Updates for September 17, 2020:

Here are your updates for this week of school.  Now that we are back to school my updates will be delivered on Thursdays.

  • You will notice a new form to fill out in PowerSchool. This form is a waiver for remote instruction.  Please complete it as soon as possible.
  • Tomorrow is the first Friday of remote instruction for all students.  Your child’s teacher will meet with them during Morning Meeting (link in their homeroom Google Classroom) and make sure they know what their day looks like.  The whole school has taken on a challenge to decorate a door in honor of International Dot Day.  We have been reading about this in school and now it is up to them to be creative.  Take a picture of their door creation and send it in to their teacher or upload to SeeSaw if you know how.  We would love to see the pictures.
  • Remote Students:  Pick up of materials for remote students is today so they are ready for tomorrow, but in the future it will typically be on Mondays as teachers need to plan for the next week on Fridays.  If there is a Monday holiday then plan on Tuesday for pickups.  Your child’s teacher will let you know if there are materials to pick up.
  • Chromebooks are in short supply. Every student in grades 2-4 have one and we are still working on kindergarten and grade 1.  Schools across the country are all facing the same challenge so we are not alone.  If you have a child in those two grades and we are remote like tomorrow, please do not worry if you cannot get online.  We understand.  If you have a home device they can use – great!  Please let us know if this is a hardship and we will see what we can do in the meantime.
  • Drop off in the morning needs to be two lines so the third lane around the building is free for buses and 3 & 4 grade parents driving through.  I know it is hard to make out the lanes so next Friday the town will be painting lanes for us to make this task easier.  If you have a 3 & 4th grader please make sure they get dropped off in front of the school.
  • Remote Students in grades 2-4:  Would you please take this short survey so we can set up some remote lunch bunches between your child and some kids at school?  We thought it would be great for them to connect.  We will add K & 1 a little bit later.  Lunch Bunch Survey
  • A note from our Guidance Counselors:  Welcome back to another school year! We hope that you and your child are settling in to this new year. We wanted to reach out to let you know that the Rye School District will continue to partner with End 68 Hours of Hunger this year. We are so excited to work with this wonderful organization that provides support to NH families who are experiencing food insecurity.   

         If you, or someone you know, would like to learn more about this program, please visit their website or reach out to Alison Dunn (RJH School           Counselor) or Lori Arsenault (RES School Counselor). At any time, if you feel that you may benefit from End 68 Hours, we would be happy to           work with you. 

         Wishing you the best,  Alison & Lori

  • I want to again recognize parents and community members who have and are still playing an active role in our reopening of school.  We are so fortunate to have the support of the community. This is shown in many ways:  kind words & emails, flags placed on the playground, signs on lawns to communicate a message, lunches for staff, face shields and masks provided…the list goes on.  Thank you for the support and it is appreciated.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Principal Updates for September 11, 2020:

 We made it through the first week.  All in all it was a great week.  The children seem happy and ready to learn.

·      Here is an update for drop off.  If you arrive to school after 8:15 please drop your child off at the front door.  They can buzz Staci in the front office and she will let them in. 

·      Dismissing walkers and bikers first went well. Even in the rain.  We will continue with that.  If your child rides a bike to school and is in 3rd or 4th grade we do not expect parents to accompany them home.  If you want to escort them please be there at dismissal or let us know.  For grades kindergarten through second we need a parent to walk home with your child unless you have had a conversation with us.

·      The first day was rough with Powerschool.  We had over 68 parents who had issues.  Each day that number is decreasing.  We will work it all out. Let us know if you don’t hear from the help desk.  Lori Flint, the nurse, will be calling families who do not certify. Thank you for helping us by remembering.  (I know I forgot one day!)

·      This next week and hereafter Fridays are a remote day for all students.

·      Pick up of materials for remote students will be on Thursdays from noon to 3:30. Your child’s teacher will let you know if you need to pick up anything.

·      Bus routes are now posted on our school website.  Go to the drop down for Students/Family if you want to double-check a route.

 Enjoy the evening and have a great weekend,


Principal Updates for September 4, 2020:

Only a few days left and our doors will be opened wide.  We cannot wait. 

  • Yesterday you should have received an email from your child’s team of teachers if you have chosen in the building learning for grades 1-4.  Let me know if you did not get it or you could not open it.  I can supply you with a Youtube link.
  • Our guidance counselors have created a website and a newsletter for information and updates on topics that will help you prepare for school and help your child as they enter a new school year.  Here is a link to the website: and a link to the newsletter:
  • Last week I sent out a video of drop off and pick up directions.  Here is the You Tube link if you need it:  Drop Off & Pick Up Video
  • Walkers and Bikers will be dismissed once all buses and cars leave the property.  They will be dismissed around 2:55-3:00 out the primary wing by the bike racks.  This time is approximate.
  • Part of the re-entry plan is for parents to take temperatures and certify their child’s health each day before they get to school.  This is done through our student information system called PowerSchool.  Parents at RES have never used PowerSchool so this will have a small learning curve.  Here is a link to the slide deck explaining this all and a letter from the administrator of PowerSchool. Returning Student Letter.docx   Slide Deck:  PowerSchool - Returning Student Enrollment Express Slide Deck (1).pdf   If you have difficulty we will work with you to set this all up.  Please no worries!
  • Just a reminder that students are in school Wednesday – Friday the first week of school.  Remote students will only have Morning Meeting during the first week of school at 8:15.
  • Bus Routes will be posted on our school website today.  Go to the drop down for Students/Family.
  • The lunch menu for September is also posted on the school website in two places. One is on the quick tabs along the right hand side and the other under Students/Family.
  • I understand milk crates are in short demand. If you are having difficulty finding one then a rugged shopping bag will work – reusable kind that stand up when placed on the floor.

That is all for now. I look forward to Wednesday and seeing your child(ren) once again. Enjoy the Labor Day weekend.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

August 28, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to a new year.  This is the first of many weekly updates you will be getting on Fridays.  I always post these on the school website if you need to refer back to one. This week the teachers have been busy planning and the custodians have been busy making sure all is in place and ready for the 9th of September.  We look forward to seeing your learners.  It has been a long time.

Here is the news for this week:

  • The results are in and we have 173 students in the building for the first quarter. All classrooms in the building are 13 students or less. When you add in the remote learners we have a student body of 192.  If you did not get a placement letter, please let me know.  They were sent out last week.  If you were placed in a homeroom for in school learning and you need to pull out for remote, your child does join the remote classroom.
  • The first week of school is three days of in the building for learners.  Even though Fridays are remote the rest of the year, the first week is in school due to it being such a short week.  So please note that September 9, 10 & 11th will be in school for your child. (unless you chose the remote option)
  • Grade level teams will be sending a video to your child on September 3rd so look for it in your inbox.  This video introduces your child to their team of teachers and classroom.  They also point out safety features so learners are aware of what the new protocols are.
  • All families who chose remote instruction are invited to a Google Meet Open House on Monday night at 6:00.  Remote homeroom teachers will be joining Lori Arsenault and I as we go over pertinent information and answer any questions.  Here is a link to that session:
  • New students in grades 1 - 4 are invited to an Open House on Thursday, September 3rd at 1:00.  Please only one adult with the learner and wear masks when you are in the building.  We look forward to meeting you.  Kindergarten Open House is the same day and you should have been contacted by your child's teacher.  These open houses are for in school learners only.
  • There are bags of personal belongings such as notebooks and papers from some classrooms last year waiting to be picked up.  If your last year's teacher has notified you of this please help us out and pick them up by September 3rd.  We will be disposing of them after that.  We will leave them outside daily.
  • If anyone needs help purchasing a mask, headphones or yoga mats for your child, we have some generous donations to help you.  Reach out and let me know.
  • Drop off & pick up can be challenging for parents.  We have new protocols in place and I have created a short video explaining.  Please review if you have the opportunity.  Drop Off and Pick Up - Google Slides.mp4 
  • The Rye School Board created an incredible website with information about our re-entry to school.  There is a FAQ page, plan information and much more.  Please check it out. The link is on our homepage and I have included it here for you:  If you can't find an answer, then please reach out.

Please enjoy your last few days of summer and time with your children. Not too late to read a good book or catch a wave.  See you September 9th!

Suzanne Lull

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