Principal Lull's Spring Newsletter - 2019

April 2019

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I think it is safe to say we made it through the winter with an almost certain record -1 snow day.  It’s beginning to look like spring and I for one embrace that. It’s time to take a quick look ahead as we start our last trimester.

FINE ARTS SHOWCASE: This year we will be holding our second annual Fine Arts Showcase on May 29th at 6:00. We will focus on celebrating each student’s uniqueness and passions in grades 3-5.  This evening will showcase student art, writing, music, drama, and technology. Students choose what they want to share, so expect to be dazzled by their talents and gifts. Students will have some planning sessions in school to work collaboratively or alone on their presentation.  Please make every effort to have your child here as it is an expectation that they participate. We look forward to celebrating their unique talents.

CLASSROOM PLACEMENT: Our staff takes the task of placement very seriously. We assure you that each grade level team (with assistance of specialists, guidance team, etc.) takes much time, effort and care in developing class rosters that result in offering all children a quality educational experience. They take the following factors into consideration as class rosters are developed:

  • The program needs of the child
  • A balance of academic achievement levels
  • Behavior factors regarding each student
  • Social needs and the compatibility of students with others in the classroom (i.e., separating students who have not worked well together in the past)
  • Independent work habits and leadership skills
  • Information provided by the teacher

As a parent you may have pertinent information about your child that should be considered in the placement process. Examples of information staff find helpful are: “Please separate my twins, Sally and Suzie,” or “Please do not place my son Joey in the same class as Fred as we are neighbors and they are together all the time,” or “My child cannot be in an allergy classroom as he/she is on a strict diet.”

Examples of comments that we all agree upon are: “We want a warm, nurturing, caring environment for our child;” “We want our child challenged,” “We want our child in a structured classroom.”  We take these comments as a given; it is each teacher’s responsibility to provide a nurturing, challenging, safe environment for every student. The task teachers face every year is to develop balanced classrooms based on the knowledge they have about the students.

If you choose to provide specific information regarding your child that the teacher does not have or may be unaware of, please provide a written letter in a sealed envelope addressed to the Principal.  Letters may be mailed or delivered to the office. Written letters are due by Monday, April 19, 2018.       Please do not contact your child’s teacher to request a specific classroom as that puts them in a difficult position. Thank you in advance for your understanding and support of this process and be assured we will do all we can to insure thoughtful placement of each child.

STATE TESTING:  Each year students in grades 3-5 participate in the NH State test in the areas of reading, writing, and math.  Grade 5 will test in science as well. Your child will be administered the test during the month of May. Each teacher will communicate days ahead of time so that you can help them get the rest they need to focus and do their best.  New this year is the right to opt out of the testing for your child.  Attached is a letter from our SAU explaining that option. If that is your wish then there is a form in the office you must fill out.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call. Letter from SAU on testing.pdf

EARTH DAY: Each year the whole school plans to spend a portion of our day celebrating Earth Day by doing a project around school or in the community. Since we have no school on April 22nd,  we are celebrating on the 18th of April. Each class is currently planning a project from beach clean up to planting flowers. It seems each year the weather has a different idea and we have had to cancel or work in the rain so fingers crossed this year we see the sun shine.  Sarah Perez from the Seacoast Science Center will present in the afternoon to students in grades 2-5 focusing on local efforts with mammal rescue as well as the impact of ocean plastic on our town shores.  We thank Sarah for her generous offer to partner with us for Earth Day.

VOLUNTEER RECOGNITION: It has been said many times that, “It takes a village to raise a child.” The same can be said about education.  It takes a partnership between teachers, students, parents and the community to make a school all that it can be.  We have benefited this year from so many volunteers that we would like to take a moment at our last Celebration Assembly in June to honor you.  We have had volunteers share everything from expertise in law, bees, and science, to being a room mother, guest reader, or photographer. Those who can’t make it in during a school day volunteer behind the scenes by providing cookies, slide shows, or even boxes of tissues.  The examples are endless. We appreciate these contributions. Thank you for making a difference this school year and join us if you can on the 7th of June at 2:00 as we honor YOU.

COMING AHEAD: I have included below a snapshot of some key events during this last trimester.  As always, check the RES website for more up-to-date information, dates, and news.

  • April 17th: 6:15-7:00  5th Grade Live Wax Museum
  • May 21st:  Kindergarten Orientation at 6:00
  • May 24th:  9:00 Memorial Day Assembly & Early Release Day
  • May 29th:  Fine Arts Showcase 6:00 (grades 3-5)
  • May 30th:  Field Days 3-5 in the morning & K-2 in the afternoon
  • June 7th:  Celebration Assembly:  Volunteer Recognition
  • June 10th:  Fun Finales for grades 4 & 5
  • June 11th:  8:30 4th grade State Fair
  • June 12th: Walkathon for the Lighthouse-grades 3-5
  • June 13th:  Last Day of school for Kindergarten
  • June 14th:  Last Day of school (½ day) & 4th & 5th grade Awards Ceremony 9:00

As you can see, a lot is happening. The students of Rye Elementary benefit from the support and dedication of our school board, staff, parents and community members who have helped make these things happen.  Thank you.


Suzanne Lull

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